Revolving Consumption

Consume, so the world can keep revolving!

  • Welcome to Revolution Center’s new site!

  • Our new Revolving Consumption projet’s goal, is to spread awearness of responsible consuming and producting, as well as the importance of selective waste recycling.

Responsible consumption

  • Our company makes products that are made of environment-friendly materials.

  • We want people to consume responsibly, so others can as well.

  • Think about other people, and don’t buy 10 packs of toilet paper every day.

  • Even in this situation, we should pay attention as to how much we buy from what we buy.

  • Our company is searching for solutions which won’t damage our planet.

Responsible production

  • Our company is trying to produce as responsibly as we can, so the finished products will serve the highest quality possible.

  • Producing responsibly is very important for us, because we want our customers to consume

  • We need to manage our resources in a way that won’t produce waste, is as environment-friendly as possible, and the result is the best possible quality.

  • This is how we want our customers to pay attentionto our planet’s health.


  • We would like to raise awareness about recycling, since it’s an easy, but very important way of protecting the environment.

  • For example, paper can not only be made from wood, but also from already recycled materials.

  • We encourage our readers that, if possible, always put waste in the correct colored recycling bin, since only with this, we take less from our planet.

  • This is why it’s very important for us that our products are made from environment-friendly materials.

Waste disposal in Hungary – 2016